Why It Pays To Use Sustainable Industrial Packaging

Protecting the planet has never been more crucial. In fact, this urgency is so evident that establishments worldwide are beginning to change the way they do business by choosing sustainable packaging. Delve into the primary ways sustainable materials are helping businesses cut down on facility costs while helping to forge a path to a more livable future for all.

Reduces Package Material Waste

A primary reason why it pays to use sustainable industrial packaging is its significant contribution to a facility’s waste reduction. Traditional packaging makes up over 23 percent of waste that finds its way into landfills each year. Of course, this doesn’t account for the trash tossed into roadways, oceans, and rivers.

So, when you opt to start using sustainable packaging, you reduce the amount of waste that comes out of your facility. The environmental benefits of this should be obvious. But even more, cutting waste at your facility also saves you a considerable amount of money.

Think about it—with recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable materials, the chances of them going to waste are drastically lower. This means less demand for new packaging materials and more money for other areas of your facility.

Attracts New Customer Demographics

Sustainable packaging also attracts an entirely new customer demographic to your business. Specifically, there’s an ever-increasing demand from companies and individuals alike for their products to comprise eco-friendly materials.

Thus, when you make the switch to sustainable packaging, you’re allowing your business to benefit from an entirely new market with a demand for products that help the planet. It’s also worth noting that this consumer demographic continues to grow exponentially.

Therefore, businesses that choose to opt out of sustainable solutions risk getting left behind by competitors. So, it’s no wonder that attracting these new demographics made the list of reasons why it pays to use sustainable packaging. 

Optimizes Packaging and Reduces Shipping Cost

Sustainable packaging also offers the opportunity for businesses to optimize their packaging solutions. In doing so, not only are they enhancing operations, but these businesses are also reducing freight and shipping costs. Optimized packaging materials are typically lighter and more durable.

As a result, it costs less to ship each package. Plus, it doesn’t take nearly as much material to make these packaging options. So, businesses can expect to see a significant reduction in their material usage and subsequent costs.

In fact, in some cases, facilities could benefit from a near 30 percent reduction in material usage. And optimized packaging is designed to circumvent the inefficiencies of more traditional options. So, when businesses make the switch to sustainable materials, it can save them several millions of dollars annually.

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