Shipping Materials To Use When Transporting Liquid Cargo

Shipping Materials To Use When Transporting Liquid Cargo

Figuring out the best way to ship off liquid cargo can seem daunting. After all, there are many options, and it’s challenging to know which will best meet your needs. Read about some of the shipping materials to use when transporting liquid cargo so that you can pick the best containers for you.

Understand Your Cargo Before Selecting

Before you start picking out your shipping containers, it’s wise to understand your specific needs concerning the kind of cargo you’re trying to transport. For instance, if you’re looking to ship thousands of gallons worth of liquid, you’ll want to choose a container that can carry that load.

Just as well, if you know that your materials are potentially hazardous, you’ll want to ensure that your containers derive from materials that can hold your cargo safely and effectively. Once you understand your shipment, you can start the selection process with a sharper eye for what you’ll need.

ISO Tanks

If you happen to have a lot of cargo to ship and need to do it quickly, ISO tanks are a superb option. These tanks have a maximum holding capacity of about 8,700 gallons, and you’ve likely seen them connected to semi-trucks. Typically, they’re made of either steel or anti-corrosive materials, lending them the ability to transport a wide variety of liquid cargo. Just as well, because they comprise such sturdy material, ISO tanks are also considerably more durable and long-lasting than other alternatives.

Drums and Barrels

Of course, you won’t always need a super-sized option to ship your liquid cargo. In that case, it’s best to go with something a little smaller, like drums and barrels. You can acquire these types of containers in several places, and they come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. For instance, you can have your pick of fiber, plastic, or stainless steel. But it isn’t just their varied material makeup that makes these little guys excellent.

Due to their uniform design, they’re also easy to stack on pallets, they can get certification for the transport of hazardous materials, and because of their small size, they’re much easier to ship. So, if you’re looking to procure some of these containers for yourself, Best Containers always has stainless steel drums for sale, as well as a wide variety of other shipping containers to meet your needs.

IBC Containers

IBCs, or intermediate bulk containers, are another excellent option for all of your liquid shipping needs. These reusable, industrial bulk containers are some of the best on the market, as they’re sturdy enough to withstand chemicals yet gentle enough to keep food ingredients and pharmaceuticals intact and secure from contaminants.

IBCs can hold up to 330 gallons of liquid cargo, which, for perspective, is an excellent midpoint between the gargantuan ISO tanks and drums and barrels. Their size and shape also allow for easy pallet stacking with the help of forklifts or pallets jacks. Additionally, these containers are easy to transport, get FDA and food contact approval, and come with a significantly lower handling and storage cost.

So, when you start perusing the market for ideal shipping materials to use when transporting liquid cargo, we hope referring to this guide can help you make the best selection.

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