Three Tips for Choosing the Right Storage Barrels

Three Tips for Choosing the Right Storage Barrels

If you need a versatile and durable storage solution for your products, barrels are the way to go. Once you decide to use barrels, however, you must then figure out what kind of storage barrel suits your and your products best. Details such as size, material, and your own product will help you find the storage better that best fits your specific needs. Make the right choice for your business or warehouse with these tips for choosing the right storage barrels.

Know Your Materials

Two of the most common types of storage barrel are steel and plastic. Each of these materials come with their own pros and cons that you investigate before making your decision. Plastic barrels are popular for their versatility; they can store both liquid and solid products. Plastic barrels are also lighter, making them easier to maneuver, store, and ship. On the other hand, steel drums will hold up better against brunt force damage during storage or shipment. In addition to this extra durability, steel drums are the popular choice when handling hazardous materials. Steel is less reactive than plastic, meaning it’ll hold up better over time when storing chemicals and other dangerous materials.

Know Your Product

The type of product you need to store determines a lot about what kind of storage barrel you need. That’s why one of the most crucial tips for choosing the right storage barrels is to think about the specific needs of your product. Consider both the weight and density of your products so you can pick out the perfect size barrels. You should also look into how your product reacts with different materials. Do you need a food-grade barrel to safely store your product? Will steel corrode and contaminate your product over time? Alternatively, how will your product react to a plastic barrel? Every product has different needs when it comes to storage, so make sure you do your research to find a barrel that gets the job done.

Get the Details Straight

Once you’ve chosen the type of barrel you want, there are a few more details to consider. Make sure you know what each of these choices can bring to the table. For example, would you benefit more from a closed head or open head barrel? Think about whether you need any accessories such as locks, faucets, or security plugs. You might also consider drum liners that allow you to easily remove product and reuse the barrel. When you think about these details and accessories ahead of time, you can ensure you choose a storage barrel that’s compatible with all the options you need.