Best Practices for Shipping Paint Cans

When you think of hazardous materials, you probably aren’t thinking about the leftover paint can you have sitting in the garage. However, paint is a toxic material with both flammable and corrosive properties. Many paints fall into the categories of Class 3 and Class 8 hazardous materials. As such, manufacturers and distributors need to follow regulations carefully to stay both safe and legally compliant. You can learn all about the best practices for shipping paint cans with this overview.

Choose the Best Shipping Method

If you want to ship any kind of hazardous material, you’ll need to find a reliable carrier. Major carriers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS all have safe and compliant shipping options for hazardous materials. Make sure you do your research to find an option that works for you. Once you’ve chosen your carrier, read through their policies and instructions carefully so that you can prepare your paint cans for a secure, efficient journey.

Package Everything Safely

To follow the best practices for shipping paint cans, you’ll need the right packaging materials. Proper packaging for paint cans must include a locking ring to place over the lid that will prevent leaks or spills. You also need durable packaging to keep the can safe from punctures, dents, or other damage. Foam covers will keep the paint cans in place within their boxes during transport, further preventing leaks or damage. When choosing shipping materials for your quart paint cans, make sure your materials meet all relevant shipping requirements put forth by the UN and your chosen carrier service.

Information and Labels

Finally, it’s crucial to document your paint cans honestly and thoroughly. Make sure you place clear labels on the package itself to show that it contains hazardous materials. You will also need to fill out a product or material safety data sheet (SDS) with your packaging. This will give your carrier service the information they need to handle the materials safely and prevent accidents or mishandling.

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