Most Common Materials Stored in Drum Containers

Plastic and steel drums are versatile pieces of equipment that can benefit many different industries. From simplifying storage to meeting industry regulations, drum containers are a great way to improve safety and efficiency in many companies’ behind-the-scenes processes. A common use for drums is storing various materials such as pharmaceuticals, industrial-grade liquids, or even hazardous materials. Here are a few of the most common materials stored in drum containers.

Hazardous Materials

When many people think of drum containers, they often first think of hazardous materials. Plastic drums are a good fit for acids and other corrosive materials, as they can withstand rust or other forms of corrosion. Because acids won’t eat away at the plastic, these drums are the perfect way to transport these materials without damaging the container or the liquids.

Industrial Liquids

Many industrial liquids such as lubricants, coolants, surfactants, and other products face a fast oxidation rate. This leads to degradation and the risk of losing some of the product during storage or transportation. Average storage materials could react with these liquids and accelerate this oxidation process. On the other hand, drum containers provide a non-reactive storage material that protects your liquids and prevents your shipments from losing any product along the way.


Pharmaceuticals are also among the most common materials stored in drum containers. Companies that transport pills or other pharmaceuticals rely on drums to keep these materials safe throughout the shipping process. The secure design of these drums prevents the pills from getting crushed or otherwise damaged while in transit. Drum containers are also leak-proof, so no water or other liquids can seep in and destroy the pharmaceuticals.

Food & Beverages

There are also food-grade drum containers that the food industry uses. As long as the drum materials are FDA-approved, they are safe to store and transport food and beverages. This is best for dry products such as herbs, grains, flour, and sugar. Many drum containers also have pouring capabilities that prove useful when storing liquid or powder ingredients.

Drum containers are versatile and consequently useful for many different industries. Best Containers can help provide your company with the storage and shipping capabilities it needs. With drum containers of various materials, ratings, and capabilities, we have everything you need to handle your materials safely and efficiently.

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