4 Creative Uses for Repurposed Paint Cans

Recycling is important, and it can also be a creative opportunity. If you have empty paint cans to get rid of, try turning them into something fun and decorative for your home. Here are some creative uses for repurposed paint cans.

Storage Containers

If you have kids, you probably know the frustration of owning many toys with small parts. Keep the doll clothes and building blocks in their place by turning your old paint cans into storage buckets. Enlist the kids by letting them decorate their own can for their toys. This idea works outside the kids’ room as well. You can even lay the cans on their side or mount them horizontally on a wall, making them the perfect little cubbies to hold various odds and ends.


Quart paint cans are the perfect size to make decorative lanterns. Simply punch or drill holes around the can’s sides and place a candle inside to create a beautifully glowing lamp. Decorate with different colors and patterns to make them fit whatever style you want. A paint can lantern is a great way to light up a patio or a garden path after dark.


From wedding receptions to holiday décor, one of the most creative uses for repurposed paint cans is to turn them into beautiful centerpieces for any occasion. Use ribbon, wallpaper, or paint to redecorate the outside of the can. Create a glowing centerpiece by punching a design into it—like the lanterns. Alternatively, craft a beautiful floral bouquet to place in the middle of your table.

Bird Feeders

Attract your favorite songbirds to your yard with this creative bird feeder. Hang your paint can on its side and glue or drill a small, wood dowel just beneath the opening to create a perch. You can customize the feeder with paint or leave it as-is—your local birds will appreciate it either way.

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