Tips for Transporting Your Shipping Barrel

Manufacturers value steel barrels because of their strength and durability. If your business needs to handle hazardous or non-hazardous substances, barrels are a convenient and secure way to store or transport those materials. With the help of these tips for transporting your shipping barrel, you’ll do it safely and efficiently.

Follow Regulations

One of the most important things when transporting your shipping barrel is to pay attention and closely follow all regulations. Hazardous waste should be identified and clearly labeled according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s standards. When choosing your barrels, find ones that comply with federal and state guidelines, along with any other safety regulations.

Use the Right Equipment

In order to properly store and transport materials, you need the correct heads and fasteners for your barrels. For example, if you’re handling hazardous chemicals, a closed-head barrel that doesn’t have a removable cover might be your best option. For non-hazardous or dry materials, you can use an open-head barrel, which has a removable lid sealed by either a lever-latch or a bolt ring. Each option has different benefits, so be sure to find the steel barrels for sale that work best for your situation.

Use Quality Pallets

Pallets are an efficient way to move multiple shipping barrels, but there are certain practices that you should follow. Use sturdy, high-quality pallets that are large enough to fit the barrels without any hanging off the edge. When filling and stacking a pallet, be sure to pay attention to the specific conditions and regulations of the pallets and materials you are handling.

Keep in Safe Conditions

You should store your barrels on a flat, even surface, such as a high-quality pallet or concrete flooring. Pay attention to temperature and weather conditions. For example, storing your barrels in direct sunlight can lead to complications due to heat expansion. If your materials are hot when filling the shipping barrels, be sure to allow them to cool before stacking or storing them.

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