How to Repurpose a Metal Tin Can

Reusing something is the best way to recycle it. When it comes to metal tins, there are countless ways to store, organize, and decorate with them. These five ideas will help you repurpose your metal tin cans.

Desk Supply Holder

If your desk or office space is in a constant state of disarray, small metal tins can be the perfect way to organize. Use one to hold all your pens and pencils and another for scissors, glue sticks, or other supplies. Shorter tins can house paper clips, stapler refills, or other small essentials that get easily lost in a desk drawer. You can wrap your tins in colorful paper or photographs, providing both organization and decoration to your workspace.


Metal tins make great planters. Smaller tins are perfect for starting an herb garden, and larger ones can fit gorgeous floral arrangements—fake or real—to add color to a room. Plants in metal tins also make charming centerpieces, especially if the tin is decorated. Wrapping a tin in twine or burlap gives it a rustic look, perfect for any plant it may hold.

Candle Holder

Of everything that can be put in a metal tin, candles are one of the most popular—and easiest—choices. Once again, this project can be easily enhanced by adding a little decoration. Punching holes or designs into the tin lets the candlelight shine through, giving the room a homey glow.

Kitchen Good Container

Just as they can improve your office space, metal tins can help you organize your kitchen as well. They’re great for holding utensils, but you can also use them to store packaged foods or drink mixes. Try wrapping one in patterned paper to make an adorable candy dish. You can also repurpose metal tin cans with an approved, food-safe coating to store unwrapped food like cookies or dry ingredients.

Party Favors

Tins with lids are perfect for gift-giving or party favors. You can fill them with candy or baked goods, little novelty toys, or thank you notes and hand them out to guests as they leave. Not only will you be an amazing host, but your guests will now have their own tin cans to repurpose in whatever creative way they want.

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