Easy Crafts at Home: Reusing Empty Glass Bottles

Glass jars, small metal tins, and just about any other knick-knack can easily be repurposed into a cute DIY craft. If you’re already crafty, reusing empty glass bottles for your DIY projects can be very therapeutic. Since “most glass bottles and jars contain at least twenty-five percent recycled glass,” according to Clarus, your newly created trinkets will help the environment, as well. Read on for five eco-friendly crafts made from repurposed glass bottles.

1. Liquid Soap Dispensers

liquid soap dispenser

If you enjoy the occasional nightcap and find yourself with empty alcohol bottles, it turns out that those glass bottles make excellent soap dispensers. Pick a soap pump that will fit around the mouth of your bottle, and you’ll have a fun, creative, long-lasting soap dispenser.

2. Wine Bottle Bird Feeders

wine bottle bird feeders

There are many different ways to repurpose your wine bottles into bird feeders. The classic way is to mount an inverted wine bottle to a bird feeder with wire or tape. To make this DIY project extra homemade, you can build the bird feeder yourself, or you can just purchase one from your local hardware store.

3. A Lamp

a lamp

Ever dreamed of making your own lamp? Well, probably not—but as far as inexpensive projects go, this one’s a winner. Fashion your own unique-looking lamp by finding a glass bottle of your choosing. Buy a lamp socket or reuse one an old one, then find a cord that you’ll used to plug in your lamp. You’ll need to attach the wires from the cord to the socket, a task for which you can consult Google or an electrician.

4. Tissue Dispenser

tissue dispenser

Beat allergy season in a stylish way by jazzing up a jar to turn into a tissue dispenser. Paint the outside and decorate it with sequins and other festive ornaments. Cut a circle from a piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside the lid of your mason jar, then cut an X shape in the paper to pull the tissues through.

5. Mason Jar String Lights

mason jar string lights

Any glass jar with a screw-on lid will work for this project. These jars are incredibly versatile, and they look precious hung from above, glowing with string lights. In order to complete this craft, you’ll need string lights, 24 mason jars, a thin steel cable, a large drill bit, hooks, and a wooden plank.

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