These Helpful Tips Can Ensure Proper Steel Barrel Storage

The Northwest Seaport Alliance recently announced that imports in June reached their highest levels since 2010 at 144,491 TEUs (20-foot equivalent units). That figure represents an 8.8% increase over June of 2017 — a number that was 14 more from the prior year volumes. With imports on the rise, businesses have no choice but to adapt and develop the most efficient ways to store valuable materials. Small steel barrels are just one type of container used to store and transport countless materials daily. Here are just a few tips all farms and businesses using steel barrels can take advantage of to properly store them and protect their durability.

Keep Materials Dry

Nearly 69% of steel is recycled in North America each year, and even though small steel barrels are used to hold countless types of materials, those that are stored in the wrong conditions can contribute to rust accumulation and build up. Whenever possible, store your steel barrels in a designated space that’s dry and prevent keeping moisture-prone materials inside of the barrels for extended period of time. Of course, rust isn’t an issue with stainless steel drums for sale and other naturally high-quality metals.

Protect During Transportation

There are over 50,000 internationally trading merchant ships traveling the world’s waters, transporting every type of cargo, and it’s not at all uncommon for shipping materials, including steel barrels, to get damaged during freight transport. With this in mind, it’s critical to choose shippers with proven freight storage and protection methods. And once again, investing in durable stainless steel barrels minimizes any serious risk of damage during shipping.

Avoid Weathering

Finally, it’s important for businesses that use metal barrels for outdoor applications to bring them indoors during times of inclement weather. As mentioned, while metal storage units are quite versatile, the wrong type could become weathered from excessive rain, snow, or moisture. For outdoor applications, stainless steel metals are definitely ideal.

Ultimately, storing your metal barrels properly can help to maximize their lifespan and durability. For more information about stainless steel metal shipping containers for sale, contact Best Containers, where our experts will provide a consultation to help ensure you purchase the quality products that meet your needs.

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