Choosing Between Plastic and Metal Barrels: A Quick Q and A

The containers’ quantity of goods has risen from about 100 million metric tons in 1980 to around 1.7 billion metric tons in 2015. With countless container options to choose from, it can often seem difficult to determine what is best. Specifically, many people wonder whether plastic or metal barrels are better to hold certain goods. And while both these container types have their uses, it helps to have an understanding of how to use them most efficiently. With that in mind, here’s a quick Q and A to help you determine the best type of container based on your intended use.


Which type of container is better for storing water?


It may seem like metal barrels are automatically superior to plastic barrels when it comes to storing water, but that’s not the case. Polyethylene pail liners are a viable option as well. Of course, if you plan on storing and heating water in the same container, metal barrels are safer.


Which type of container is better for storing food?


Similarly, there’s not one container type that’s better for storing food than the other. Both plastic and steel metal tins are available in food grade versions, making them ideal for food storage of all kinds. But if you’re buying used plastic containers, be sure to check the contents and clean thoroughly before storing any type of food. This is because some people say that plastic containers can retain some of the flavors and leech it into certain foods. To avoid this, of course, simply buy all plastic barrels new instead of pre-owned.


Do you want the contents of the barrel to be visible from the outside?


Finally, think about visibility. If it’s important for the contents of the container to be visible from the outside, metal containers may not be a good choice. Alternatively, you should know that some plastic and translucent jugs may cause algae growth when exposed to the wrong conditions or stored improperly.


Ultimately, knowing how to select the right type of container for your applications needs can help to improve efficiency and safety. For more information about plastic and metal barrels, contact Best Containers.

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