What is HDPE and Which Containers Are Made With It?

The containers’ quantity of goods has risen from about 100 million metric tons in 1980 to around 1.7 billion metric tons, and currently, bottles and containers comprise approximately 38% of all HDPE (High-density polyethylene) products. While steel barrels have countless uses, HDPE plastic containers are among the most versatile for many applications. Here’s what your business needs to know about purchasing containers made with HDPE.

Plastic Barrels With HDPE

As mentioned, HDPE plastic storage units have countless uses due to their moisture-resistant material. For this reason, they’re commonly used for versatile packing materials.

“HDPE has moisture barrier properties, which makes it a perfect fit for use in many packaging applications…Common uses of HDPE include snack food packages; cereal box liners; milk and non-carbonated beverage bottles; margarine, whipped topping and deli food packaging; and bread trays. In addition, HDPE has chemical resistance attributes, so it is often used in bottles and packaging for industrial chemicals, household cleaners and detergents,” writes Abby Schwimmer on Sciencing.

Knowing this, it’s easy to see what makes HDPE products so appealing — they’re versatile enough that most manufacturers can find multiple uses for them.

HDPE Recycling

While HDPE products have many uses and applications, it’s absolutely critical to be responsible by recycling them properly. You’ll have to look into your area’s local recycling program to see whether or not you can dispose of HDPE products locally. Unfortunately, many of these products have relatively low recycling rates, so each item recycled actually does make a difference in sustainability. Just do a bit of quick research to discover the quickest and most efficient local program through which you can recycle your unneeded HDPE containers. Remember, proper recycling can help to reduce the amount of waste that continues to pile up in our landfills every day.

As more and more ships deliver goods across the globe, it’s not surprising that the international shipping industry carries around 90% of world trade, according to the International Chamber of Shipping. But regardless of your shipping needs, it’s helpful to inform yourself of best HDPE uses and recycling practices. For more information about plastic or steel barrels, contact Best Containers.

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