Here are Some Unconventional Yet Creative Uses for Metal Barrels

Nearly 69% of steel is recycled in North America each year, and many homeowners and business owners are finding increasingly creative ways to use small steel barrels. Metal barrels and fluorescent lamp recycling drums have countless uses when they’re properly repurposed, and you may be amazed at the possibilities you can bring to life to make your home or farm more comfortable and efficient. Without further ado, let’s explore some of the most unconventional yet creative uses for metal barrels:

Fire Pit

If you don’t yet have a fire pit in your backyard — or, you’ve decided that one simply isn’t enough — this quick and easy DIY fire pit can help your dreams come true. All you’ll have to do is secure a 55 gallon metal drum into the ground and line the exterior with patterned bricks. Take a look at this example from Natalme. Once it’s secured, you can enjoy countless cozy nights by the fire, knowing that you made the pit yourself.

Storage Cabinet

If you’re in need of excess storage, this creative way to repurpose a metal barrel will prevent you from having to invest in a new set of drawers. The barrel can be lined with shelving to maximize storage efficiency. Makezine explains the relatively simple crafting process:

“Cut out the door, reinforce it from inside with two guy-wires strung to four bolts in the corners, line the cut edges with rubber edge trim, attach a hardware-store handle and latch…and fit some plywood circles into the drum’s grooves for shelves,” writes Sean Michael Ragan

And here’s a bonus: if you’re looking for a portable shelving system, it’s easy to add some wheels and a handle so that you can roll the shelf wherever it’s needed and use it as a portable toolbox.

Large Planter

If you have a green thumb, you’ll love creating and using a metal container that’s been repurposed into a planter. It’s virtually maintenance free — the only steps are to paint it, if you’d like, and to fill it with soil. These large planters are perfectly portable and ideal for almost any type of plant.

Ultimately, there are countless ways to repurpose metal drums — you’re only limited by your creativity. For more information about fluorescent lamp recycling drums, contact Best Containers.

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