These Bottle Recycling Mistakes Can Reduce Sustainability

Bottles and containers comprise 38% of all HDPE products, and it’s safe to say they’re a staple in most residential and commercial settings. While EZ Stor containers and other plastic containers are certainly convenient, it’s your responsibility to dispose of them properly, which usually means recycling them. However, it’s easy to get caught up and make some common mistakes that hurt the entire process and reduce overall sustainability. Here are just a few mistakes to avoid when recycling plastic barrels and other storage units.

Taking the caps off of the bottles before recycling them.

“Should I recycle bottles with the caps on?” In the recycling world, getting to the bottom of this age-old question was like determining whether the chicken or the egg came first. But now it’s clear: plastic bottles should be recycled with caps on. The industry now makes the most of them and incorporates all types of bottle caps into their repurposing processes. So, when in doubt, leave the caps on.

Leaving food residue/debris in the bottle before recycling it.

This mistake occurs as a result of both laziness and neglect. Either way, it’s completely preventable. Just take a few seconds to make sure each container you’re recycling is clean and has no remnants of food or debris. If you’re unable to clean the container, it’s typically best to not recycle it. This mostly applies to paper recyclables, like pizza boxes, which shouldn’t be recycled if they’re greasy. But it’s more efficient to clean recycled containers as best you can.

Putting your recycled goods in a plastic grocery bag.

Finally, many people think that storing recyclables in a plastic grocery bag is convenient for everyone involved, but that’s not the case. Experts say there’s a much better way to package your recyclables.

“Either place your recyclables directly in a bin, paper bag, or clear large plastic bag made for recyclables, if that’s preferred by your town. Just don’t put them in small plastic grocery bags, as they can jam up the machinery in the recycling plant,” writes Fan Winston on The Organized Home.

Today, the world makes and consumes about 600 billion pounds of plastic yearly, and the market is still growing about 5% a year. That being said, it’s up to us to be environmentally responsible and avoid these recycling mistakes. For more information about EZ Stor containers, contact Best Containers.

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