3 Savvy Tips For Survivalists That Include the Use of Plastic Bottles

Survivalism is a movement that’s quickly growing in many parts of the world. Survivalism is about more than simply staying alive; survivalists are known for using every tool and resource at their disposal to actively prepare for potential emergencies. And as we’ve discussed in some of our previous posts, buying plastic drinking bottles wholesale has countless benefits, many of which align with survivalists’ ultimate goal: optimized emergency preparedness. Here are just a few ways you can make the most of plastic bottles and storage units for your survivalist needs.

Shelter Light

It may sound surprising, but plastic bottles are incredibly useful for ensuring adequate natural light in your shelter. Simply buy some plastic drinking bottles wholesale and fill one or more of them to the top with water. Hang them around your shelter for enhanced natural sunlight during the daytime. It’s best to place your water bottle lights near the roof or top of your shelter to get the biggest sunlight boost. Not only is this method as simple as ever, but it can also save you from using too many of your other resources at once, such as fuel, firewood, or batteries.

Small Scoop/Shovel

Plastic bottles can also be quite useful for scooping any number of resources, from food items, to household goods and much more. Just cut off the top of the bottle, make sure it’s completely clean and dry, then feel free to use it to scoop and distribute items such as sugar, flour, pet food, soil, grains, and more.

Trap For Fish

Finally, you may be enlightened to hear that plastic bottles can actually help you to catch fish. This trick works best with a two-liter bottle. Just cut off the top of the bottle to make a sort of funnel device. Continue to cut the neck of the bottle and ensure a larger opening within the funnel. Once you push the cut part of the top through the bottle portion and punch holes through both pieces, you’ve created a trap for fish that can be secured with fishing lines.

“The fish swim in the enlarged end and are funneled into the bottom portion. You can cut a flap in the bottom of the trap to release any fish you do not want. Bait and then secure the trap with line or weigh down by placing stones inside,” writes Preparing For Shft.

Today the world makes and consumes about 600 billion pounds of plastic yearly, and the market is still growing about 5% a year. You never know when plastic bottles or ez stor buckets could help you in the event of an emergency. For more information about buying plastic drinking bottles wholesale, contact Best Containers.

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