Recycling Scrap Metal? Keep These Tips in Mind

Nearly 69% of steel is recycled in North America each year. Wholesale tins, metal drum cap seals, and other varieties of metal tins are just a few of the countless types of metal materials that can be recycled for reuse. However, many people aren’t quite aware of the correct procedures for recycling their excess steel. Here are just a few helpful tips to get you started with your own steel recycling process.

Prepare Materials Correctly

Too many people simply don’t take the time to properly prepare their scrap metal materials, but in many cases, taking the extra time to do so can result in some extra cash in your pocket. Copper wire, for example, can be stripped ahead of time for some extra money at the scrap yard. You can strip your copper wire using a basic wire stripper, or opt for a more complex model intended for larger volumes. Taking the time to do this and prepare all your materials properly is the best way to get the best investment from your materials.

Prioritize Organization

Some people aren’t aware that the arrangement and organization of your scrap metal can go a long way in determining its overall value. This being said, it’s important to separate all of your materials into their proper categories ahead of time as opposed to at the door.

“Having materials separated before going to a scrap yard is important. If you don’t sort your scrap then the scrap yard owner will classify all of your scrap as the least valuable in the load. Think about it — if you have a ton of Number 1 Bare Bright Wire with a few strips of Number 2 Copper Tubing/Wire mixed in then you can easily be paid the price for Number 2 Copper Tubing for the whole load. That price difference can really add up…” writes Virginia Buechel on iScrapApp.

The global market for metal packaging and products is projected to exceed $165 billion by 2024. Knowing how to properly recycle your scrap metal is the key to getting as much value from it as possible. For more information about cap seals, contact Best Containers.

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