3 Ways Farmers Can Use Plastic Barrels To Improve Everyday Efficiency

plastic barrelThe life of a farmer isn’t easy. Long hours, manual labor…the list goes on. Of course, the life of a farmer also demands some creativity and innovation; milk is the fourth most consumed beverage in the United States, and using the resources at your disposal can help your farm remain profitable until the cows come home! Plastic barrels are just one resource used by dairy farmers all over the country, but we’re willing to bet that you haven’t heard of these innovative uses. Here are just a few creative ways for dairy farmers to use plastic barrels on their farms.


First, plastic barrels of all sizes, in addition to other plastic drums and storage units, can easily be sawed in half across the middle and laid end to end and filled with feed for calves and cattle. You can fill them with salt or mineral mixtures along the feedbunk, or you can simply fill them with water for a quick and easy drinking source for any farm animal. There are countless ways to use open head plastic drums and other plastic barrels for food and water storage and access.

Entrance Garden

If you want to spruce up your farm’s aesthetic appeal for visitors, consider making a quick and easy container garden with any spare plastic barrels you may have lying around. Simply cut the barrel in half right across the middle as directed for the feeders, fill the bottoms with soil, and plant anything you want inside. These containers are portable, affordable, and professional for any farm entrance or gathering area.

Calf Sled

This may be the most resourceful item on this list, and it can save you and your calves some serious time and frustration. Just saw a plastic barrel in half lengthwise and tie a durable piece of rope to one of the ends. You can use this unique contraption to sled your calves from their maternity pens to their designated raising grounds.

Ultimately, there are countless ways to take advantage of the versatility of plastic barrels and containers; it just takes a bit of creativity and innovation. For more information about using plastic barrels, contact Best Containers.

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